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The Most Popular Pizza Toppings

The Most Popular Pizza Toppings

Pizza is among the most loved foods across the globe. However, when it comes to the toppings, opinions vary. In the United States, numerous research is carried out every year on pizza trends and the most popular pizza toppings. Pizza remains a significant part of American life; it is our culture, it is how we relax and our comfort when sad. In the United States, 93% of the population consumes pizza each month, and it is estimated that each American consumes 46 pizza slices annually. 

Pepperoni The popularity of pepperoni is not a surprise to any pizza lover. Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping across the United States, if not across the globe. Pepperoni is added to over a third of all pizzas; the United States consumes over 250 million pounds of pepperoni annually.

Extra Cheese Adding more and more cheese to your pizza amounts to an extra portion of pleasure on your pizza. Every addition is an additional delicacy. Thus, most Americans order extra cheese with their pizza. At Amore Pizza, we cannot blame them; our 100% mozzarella cheese is one that anyone would die to eat. Hot and melty, it is too satisfying to resist an extra cheese topping for your pizza.

Mushrooms Cheese and mushrooms are a union blessed in heaven. Thus, mushrooms remain quite a favorite pizza topping in the United States. Mushrooms go well with vegetable and meat pies; they add an extra flavor to the pizza they top, hence their popularity. 

Onions The raw onion may pass as a standard vegetable to write anything about when it comes to pizzas. However, it is a winner when peeled, sliced, and placed on your pizza. In the oven, onions caramelize beautifully, adding a sweet flavor to your pizza. The high temperatures in the oven break the large sugar molecules into smaller molecules, resulting in a sweet and robust flavor. 

Sausage In the United States, sausage on pizza refers to Italian sausage. However, there are multiple other sausage varieties. Whichever sausage is preferred, most Americans love sausage on their pizzas. When paired with mozzarella and tomato sauce, the result is an irresistible delicacy. 

Pineapple Pineapple is the most contested pizza topping; the world is divided into lovers and haters of pineapple pizza topping. Pineapple pizza toppings rank highly among the 47% lovers and 32% haters despite the controversy. Pineapple is truly a people’s topping, especially when paired with ham or bacon on a Hawaiian Pizza. 

Peppers Peppers add color and flavor to pizzas. They are a vegetable whose flavor intensifies when roasted. Peppers are pre-roasted before they are added to pizzas. The pre-roasting gives them extra cooking, which is needed to soften them and develop their flavor and reduce the charring up of your pizza. Peppers are a superb way to add flavor to your pizzas. 

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