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Must A Pizza Be Round in Shape?

Must A Pizza Be Round in Shape

When most people think about pizza, they picture a beautiful round pie cut into long, delicious slices. However, we should not picture pizza in just a round shape because it comes in round and other shapes. If you can bake a cake or cookies into other forms of shapes, you can make pizza into other shapes too. 

Reasons Why Pizza is Round The round shape of a pizza is iconic and popular. The pizza presentation is appetizing and standard; it makes pizza unique. Pizza is also round in shape because of specific rules made in Napoli in Italy, where it was created. The Neapolitan pizza rules state that pizza must be circular. Pizza dough is usually formed into a ball for it to rise. It is formed into a ball before cooking because it makes it easier to shape and stretch it to an evenly thick base. 

The dough ball is stretched out from the center or stretched by throwing and spinning it to make it circular. Spreading it with your hands may make it tear but throwing the dough evenly distributes it without getting thin or thick. Using a rolling pin is discouraged since it flattens it excessively, thus making it turn into a dried-out, dense crust. The round pizza dough is easier to make and cut into equal portions, just like a pie, and it cooks evenly in an oven with high heat; this is because a round shape is close to heat on all sides.

Pizza Shapes Pizza is not limited to round shapes but can be made into other forms. Here at Amore Pizza, we will take you through some of the most fun, creative, and outrageous pizza-shape designs we have made and can make for you. 

Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Pizza These types of pizza mostly emerge during the season of Valentine’s Day. They are usually made in the shape of a heart which is not far from the ordinary round shape of a pizza, thus making it easier to make. You can use different types of toppings on a Valentine’s Day, Heart Shaped Pizza, without affecting the shape of the pizza and the romantic gesture behind it. Order for your sweetheart today!